Responsible Bidding

All online auction websites are a fun way of winning great prizes online. At we try our best to provide a unique and fair bidding experience, that where many of our online competitors fail! With all our online bidders, whether new or repeat users, we encourage all to bid responsibly at all times.

Bidding Addiction

At, we understand all types on online gaming including bidding auction websites can cause an addictive behavior and may lead to personal distress. By spending an excessive amount of time on any website or online game, will reduce a users time spent socialising with others. Taking this into consideration, Quidoo takes a responsibility to provide the following information to ensure all users are bidding safely and not in a negative way.

Please spare five minutes and take the time to observe the following Quidoo gameplay guidelines:

1. We highly recommend taking regular breaks while playing Quidoo.

2. The Quidoo auction website does use UK Pound Sterling to bid on all auctions. Like with any auction website, please be cautious while bidding.

3. Quidoo is unique and not like other ‘timed’ auction websites where you can use autobidding for a never-ending auction! All of our auctions will finish on the specified ‘Auction Bid Value’, but please determine a maximum number of bids you’re prepared to place per auction and stop bidding once you’ve met your maximum.

4. Please never participate in while under the influence of alcohol or medication or if you are in a bleak mood.

5. While bidding, please use all auction information provided (Auction start time, auction views per hour and past bid history).

We are sure you will enjoy the Quidoo experience, but if you do have any queries, please see our FAQ’s, visit any of our social profiles or drop us an email at: [email protected]