Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

If the User do not agree to the Terms & Conditions, do not use Quidoo. If You access, use, or download in any way any service from Quidoo, You agree to and are bound by these Terms & Conditions and also acknowledge that (a) You have had the opportunity to complete the Quidoo Free Demo, (b) You have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the use of Quidoo by email and to have those questions answered.

Definition of Terms Account means the general sense of the word; the collection of money, services, Credits (both Demo and Paid) on behalf of a Registered User of the Web Site
Auction refers to an electronic Auction of a Product, on which all Registered Users may Bid
Bid refers to the action of spending one or more Credits on an Auction, whereby each Bid increases the price of that Auction by one credit/pound.
Company Quidoo - trading as Allsebrook Limited, Reg No: 9348608
Credits refer to the Quidoo currency, which a Registered User may purchase in order to Bid on Quidoo Auctions on the Web Site ‘’
Quidoo means the Web Site run by the Company
Payment Options means the options available to a Registered User to pay for Credits. The options available include Credit Cards, Debit Cards via Stripe payment facility.
Product means any item for sale on the Web Site, excluding Credits
You / User / Registered User refers to any person that has registered as a User through the Website
Server Timer refers to the internal time keeping unit in the system.
Auction Bid Value refers to the value the auction will end and winning bid is successful.
Time refers to the time of each placed bid on any of our auctions.
User refers to any person who places a Bid on any item on the Website
Website includes the domain, and all other generic sub-domains.
My Account means the users account section of the Website where Registered Users may edit their account and view their recent activity including wins, past bids and claim winning bids.
Winning Bid means the value of an auction that has met the Auction Bid Value.
Winning Bidder means the Registered User who placed the Winning Bid on any Auction

The Company operates an online auction website, better known as an e-Commerce Web Site, which runs Auctions and supplies Products.
These represent the Company's main interests.
The Company's Website is designed for fair bidding within the UK market.

User Relationship with the Company
A user registering on the Company's Website gives you the status of a Registered User. All Registered Users must therefore agree that these Terms and Conditions constitute the contractual relationship between the Company and the Registered User in relation to its Website.
If suspended from the Website, he or she will not be entitled to receive any item won or purchased from the Company and will forfeit any remaining Credits in his Account.

UK Law
All contracts between Registered Users and the Company are ultimately subject to the laws of the United Kingdom of England and Wales.
In the event of a dispute between a Registered User and the Company, a legal action may only be brought in the Courts of the United Kingdom. Further information is given in our ‘Claims’ section.

Registered Users
A Registered User must be over the age of 18, and be able to enter into legally-binding contracts with the Company.
If a Registered User does not fullfill these requirements at time of registration then the contract will be void.

Registered User Restrictions
A Registered User must not be:
1. a person who has already registered with the Web Site
2. a previously suspended Registered User of the site, who has re-registered; and/or
3. a resident outside of the UK.
If a Registered User is any of the above at time of agreement then the contract will be void.

A Registered User must choose a Username during the registration process.

A Registered User will create a Password for the Web Site during the registration process. This password must be kept secret.

List Of Valid Countries
Users may register and use in the the United Kingdom only.

Right to Terminate This Agreement
A Registered User has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time.

Suspension of Registered User
The Company reserves the right to suspend any Registered User who is in breach of the following restrictions:
1. Creation of multiple identities on the Website;
2. Uses unfair means to win any Auction;

All Auctions for Products on the Website are new and for normal domestic and consumer use.
Note that Products are not intended for resale, or commercial use.

Product Descriptions
The Product descriptions placed by the Company on its Web Site do not constitute contractual terms of purchase.

Product Images
The images of Products on the Company's web site are for illustration only. They are often photographs from the product supplier etc.

Return of Defective Products
The following term describes how a Registered User should return a defective product.
A Registered User must e-mail [email protected] before sending the Product back to the Company.

Bidding Process Explained
Bidding on the Website involves bidding on an Auction. Only registered Users of the Web Site may bid on an Auction.

Auction Bid Value
Each Auction has a specified Auction Bid Value. The Auction Bid Value is clearly displayed on each auction via a coloured ribbon. When an Auction reaches its Auction Bid Value, the Auction will end.

Cost of per bid
Each Auction will always deduct 1 credit per bid.
After a successful Bid is placed on an Auction, a Credit will be deducted from the Registered User's account. Credits deducted cannot be returned to the Registered User.

Start Time & Start Auction Bid Value
All Auctions begin at a specified time. All Auctions begin with an auction bid value of 0.

Auction Winner
The Registered User who places a Bid and it meets the Auction bid value is deemed to be the Auction Winner. He will be able to claim the prize within the Account section of the Website.

Disputes over Auction Winner
The Auction Winner is confirmed via the Websites admin records. If a dispute occurs, the Company will research the issue further and will make a final decision.

Purchasing Credits
Credits can be purchased in blocks of 5, 10, 25 and 50.

Payment Process
All Credits must be paid via the Websites online payment facility and must always be completed by a Registered User.

Winning An Auction
When a Registered User wins an Auction, a notification is automatically sent by e-mail to the Winning Bidder and the User will be able to claim their Prize via the User Account section.

Delivery of Won Product
All Won Products will be either:
1. sent directly from one of our stockists
2. or be delivered in person at an arranged meeting location
All Won Products will be sent to the address provided by the Registered User.

Delivery Times
The Company will deliver the item within (14) days.

Products Lost In Transit
If a Product is lost in transit, the Company is not held responsible, but will do our best to locate the missing item via our products delivery service and will ensure the missing item is rescheduled for delivery or a replacement is sent.

Products Not Delivered
If the Registered User is out or cannot take delivery of the Won Product, the delivery courier will return the product to their delivery office or will leave with a neighbour. The usual delivery note/card will be left at the Registered Users address, notifying them of the current situation.

Website Hacks and Attacks
If the Company Website is attacked, Bids may not be able to be processed and the website may go off-line until the issues have been resolved.
If a Registered User 'wins' an Auction and the Company believes the Auction has been Won by the result of an attack, the Company will restart the Auction and contact the UK authorities.
The Company cannot guarantee that all Registered Users will have continuous, uninterrupted access to its Website. Website attacks, different browsers, Internet connections, geographic location, power failures, network outages and numerous other factors are outside the control of the Company. The Company uses all reasonable endeavors to fulfill its obligations.
When a Website Attack occurs, any Auctions will be paused and taken off-line.

Any trademarks appearing on Quidoo are the property of their respective owners.

Intellectual Property Rights
The Company does not claim ownership of copyrights owned by third parties.
No Registered User may modify the Website or reproduce, display publicly or otherwise use the Website in any way for any public or commercial purpose.

External Links
All external links on the Website are not under the control of the Company and the Company does not have any affiliation with the owners of the linked websites.

Any waiver of any provision by Quidoo of the Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy will be effective only if in writing and signed by Quidoo.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Quidoo and its members, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, affiliates, licensors, and other partners harmless from any loss, cost, expense, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable lawyers’ fees, suffered by any Indemnified Persons due to, arising out of, or in connection with (i) Your use of Quidoo or any of the services offered by Quidoo, (ii) any violation of these Terms & Conditions by the User or any person acting in collusion with the User, (iii) any violation of applicable law or court order by the User, and (iv) any negligence or willfull misconduct by the User.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability Regarding Purchases from Quidoo
Quidoo hereby disclaims any and all liability from claims arising from any products offered on the Quidoo site.
All new products are sold with the manufacturer's limited warranty only.